I, each time we speak,
Secretly prepare myself,
For your departure.


Mirror Cat

Confused cat
Scrambles to the the bed.
Faltering feet fail to find firmness
Mirroring me
Stepping out
Sinking slowly
Caught in a mire of memory.

Sitting on the bed watching the cat fall off the end as she tries to climb up while I sit reading other people’s poems and relive my sadness mingled with their own emotions, sparked by words and images with which I am so familiar.


Within the dark the slender stalk grows thin,
Hid from the tender light she cannot thrive,
And stifled by the walls, now caving in,
She longs to feel more than barely alive.
Her tissue-paper countenance so wan
Where once a strength engorged now pallid veins,
Laments shadowed existence since she sprang
To flowering thus cursed in ancient days.
A glimmering of light renews her sap
And quickens in her breast a rushing bloom,
Yet gathered in to kindly hearted lap,
Familiar ground now free, she fears her doom.
  Roots soaking comfort now, in warmth of sun;
  For keener eyes see more than weeds in some.

AGW 25th January 2017