Hand in hand
Toes furrow in sand
Faces by fire
Hearts smile
Bright eyes meet,
Smiles burn
Hearts kindle
Toes curl
Fingers entwine

This poem changed so much in the editing it is completely different for what I wrote originally.  The original poem was a story about holding someone back from who they could be, about not wanting to stop someone from living their own dream.  

Part of the original was:

She wanted to go, to dance among the thousands.
I felt then, my two left feet, would only hold her back.

As the editing progressed I moved from thinking about letting go to considering the experiences we had and one of the things we had talked about doing together. I felt the warmth of the happiness I once had experienced and the hope that some such beauty could be in my life again.  At the same time I thought of her in the firelight and how I hope that if she does go she will feel all the positive things I hope she will feel, that nothing, especially not someone else’s two left feet, will hold her back from her happiness.


Author: agw

Amateur poet and writer who aspires to write more...

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