A minute of your time please, if I may?
Soon March will turn to April, turn to May,
And then it will be far too late to say
That what I want is You, right here, today.
But you are gone, I know not where you are,
I seek you in the night amongst the stars,
So long it’s been since you were in my arms;
The space you left, an ever present harm.
I see you in my dreams, such tortured sleep!
Those bitter hours when I no longer weep,
But fall into a senseless state so deep,
That morning comes and goes without a peep.
 To wallow in the pity of my grief
 Is easier than finding self belief.

This is somewhat of a throwaway Sonnet which fell out as I was taking notes for something else. The rhyme scheme too simple but yet a reminder of repetitive days and nights, not changing for the better. 

This is the me that I try and fight every day. The one that greives for every relationship which has ended; who struggles to accept loss, who wants to write or message, to just take a moment of their time to say how much they are missed. -A-


No more to sleep

From night which holds a stillness steeped in calm
Still warmed by embers of a gentle fire
In blankets’ soft embrace within your arms
As light grows in the west with day’s desire.
Gently to wake in warmth of tender dawn
To birdsong from the lofty boughs above
Lifts spirits with a lilting tune of morn
As sweetest dew traps light within its glove.
To walk outside upon the verdant grass
Barefoot amidst the crocus flowers deep
Let nature’s freshness kiss your toes at last
With sense awakened now prepare to leap.
  No more to sleep, unless a pleasant dream,
  Alive to life and so much more to be.