Posh coffee

At such a rich price
But not so much in flavour
Steeped in pretentiousness
It tastes no better.


Author: agw

Amateur poet and writer who aspires to write more... https://www.instagram.com/learningtolovethesilence/

6 thoughts on “Posh coffee”

  1. Steeped in pretentiousness – loved this line and it made me draw parallels with what i see daily here in my country, the roadside hawker that makes frothy coffee from old enamel cups that taste divine and the Starbucks down the road that sell style and pretense.

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    1. I would like coffee from a frothy old enamel man down the road… 😉 The place in question was a rather pretentious hotel in town. Somewhere that would make your Starbucks look positively mundane. Whilst I do not agree with their business practices and the ventimochachocafrappelatte (extra cold) brigade who are often found there. The staff can be very down to earth at 6am and I have been pleasantly surprised their their smiles are not always fake, and sometimes they are quite beautifully human. (Perhaps we are far enough away from a corporate headquarters here that they don’t have to follow the script so closely! 😉)

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      1. you are right about that! the farther away from strict management rules the warmer the smiles and the coffee. I know you will love the coffee we have here, each state in Malaysia produce our own local brand and its a reflection of the diverse culture as well as earth the coffee beans grow from, we have 13 states and that’s a whole lot of flavour!

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