Moved to move by powers unseen,
Caught, in vast collective dreams.
Dance beneath the glass and steel
Chasing what we feel is real.
Repress our individuality
Communally respond to ‘buy me’.
Murder of magpies, no starlings we;
A murmuration of the seeming free.

In reaponse to the Daily Prompt from dailypost.


Author: agw

Amateur poet and writer who aspires to write more...

5 thoughts on “Murmuration”

        1. My home away from home… though in the interest of fairness I must point out that there are other branded coffee chains…. 😉 (and a really nice independent one on the other side of town I love to go to, run by a friend of mine, always full, rarely if ever able to get a seat and vastly overpriced, but fun.)

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