The Thread

I sit in silence, waiting to be read;
Longing for gentle lips to speak my words,
Yet more that spirit might delve in my head:
Extract elixirs which themselves need heard.
Soft now your footsteps wandering my mind.
What, browsing through my volumes, do you seek?
In asking of the keeper you may find,
But revelation may just leave you weak.
Pages a testament to love which was,
An ode to what the fates themselves arrayed,
For in my living now I still feel loss:
My memories like open wounds displayed.
  Do you recall how freely my heart bled,
  When with your silence you cut through the thread?

Your face

I saw you there this morning,
In someone else’s face.

My heart it had no warning
Why expect you in this place?

Inside I was crying,
For I miss your soft embrace.

I read a post earlier which reminded me of an experience I had yesterday. I had written about it but hadn’t posted it because it was incomplete. On reading this post though, I felt I had to find the missing words and share what I had written. There are so many people out there who are missing someone, for whatever reason, and it felt right to put my hand up and quietly say. ‘Me too.’

The post can be found here: I Miss Him –

The Colour Drains

The sea in shades of grey and blue,
I sit in silent thoughts of you.

A hint of setting sun glows red,
The day is done, I seek my bed.

Coarse cliffs below with rocks so black,
I wonder when you’re coming back.

The colour drains with all I miss,
My mind dives off the precipice.

The train rolls on into the night,
An empty seat sits by my side.

To grey I come, and this to be,
Until your fair light touches me.