4.30 am

Here in the dark before the dawn
The streets are filled with those who mourn
Warm softness of a welcome bed
A cosy place to lay our heads
We beggars all who silent pray
Hoping life will turn our way

The birds which after light will hide
Now cocophanous do cry
With their song I too will weep
For now is surely time to sleep
Not time to wend my lonely way
From empty bed to empty day.


Autumn flames

A space which reaches far and wide
Where mountains’ lofts
Touch dusty skies
Tall trees upon the soaring slopes
Breathe out an air
Of gentle hope
Where glowing leaves of autum fall
Drifting deep
Up to the porch
A silent evening ‘neath the sky
Where loving lips
Melt ‘fore the fire
There touch your skin beneath the moon
As starlight
Gentle curves illumes
The fire fades yet we remain
Limbs entwined
Become the same.