About me…

So a few years ago I started writing poetry on Tumblr but left the community for many reasons.  Sometimes I found myself writing what I thought people wanted me to write, other times I would write things which I wanted to write but it all became very personal, in more ways than one.  Now I write here, maybe it’s a chance to start again, maybe it’s a chance for me to be more true to the type of writing that I like.

At the moment it is likely that this site will be poetry, as the snippets which come to me as I walk can find their way easily to these digital pages, however there is a chance that I might get on with some other pieces in time.  Occasionally I will post my photographs.

‘Learning to love the silence’ refers to my learning to be alone, learning to realise that I don’t always need someone else in my life in order to be happy. I am learning to understand that the silence, isn’t really that quiet at all.



10 thoughts on “About me…”

  1. Love your “Learning to love the silence”! Something we should all learn to do. I find the silence I like the best is in “The Backside Of The Night” between about 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. Best time to write and think! Check this piece out on my site.
    Love the way silence lets one hear your inner voices!

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  2. I visited this page aeons ago attracted by the phrase learning to love the silence, I am here again now, with a different heart and soul and appreciate the words even more, I too have learnt in the most painful of ways this year that people will come and go and that like you I don’t need people to be happy, it’s all about being happy with me. thank you for your comments and reading on my blog, it’s been a wonderful support and comfort. I so enjoy your poetry, the snippets of unsuspecting life written with much clarity.

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    1. I’m still learning Gina, very much so. I really appreciate you taking the time to write here and I am really touched to have given you some support and comfort along the way this year. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Sending a little squeeze from the snow to the Equator (I’d pack some up and send it if I could) 🙂 A

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      1. My pleasure to always read tender poetry, simple words that weave a beautiful story, I am so attracted to your lines. It’s lovingly crafted. We are here to help each other along with words and encouragement, means so much more in a world where so many people want to be critics I just prefer kindness in every situation. I don’t get on WordPres as much as I’d like to with new work commitments so I am happy to see you on a another social media platform that I am on more often!

        I love that pinch of snow, it makes me melt, thank you. And when it gets too cold remember there’s lots of sunshine and warmth where I am, you will get special delivery if you need a few rays! Blessings to you A!

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