Worth every day

Miserable city
Gutters cry
Even seagulls
Fearing flight

Infernal darkness
Without shine
Hidden sun
Clouds behind

Windy bluster
Slipping feet
Trudging onward
Empty streets

Soaking trousers
Vanished crease
Plodding homeward
Empty greets

Only reason
Staying here
For another’s
Childhood years


Spilled coffee (poem)

We watch and listen
Gleaning words
Snippets and inspiration served:
The texture of a coffee cup,
The smell of pastries when the oven’s turned up,
Whats the reason for her tears?
An older woman reads and sneers,
Victorian strong man in chequered shirt,
The boyfriend’s shoes are quite absurd.
Then the emails start to ping,
Is there nowhere to escape and think?

The Grey

He waters baskets in pouring rain,
The street below floods just the same
And echoes there grey skies above,
A seagull swoops in lieu of dove.
No summer here, or so it seems.
I wish to wake from out this dream!
To feel the sun, warm villas fair,
Oh Aberdonian despair!