I keep emergency coffee.

Keep a little behind
Save pay
For come what may
You know
That dreaded rainy day
When it pours
Or we swap boardrooms
For sweeping floors.


I didn’t think
To pay attention
Failed to store
Those things
It hurts to mention

I should have saved
Emergency hugs
Banked kisses
Stored sweet sensation
Held on to holding you
That catalogue of your affection
A well to be dipped into
At will

I might be able to sleep



Injecting words into my veins
So I can feel alive again
Give me all your rippling pain
Your loss
Your bitterness
Your shame
Give me grief
I’ll show the same

Let me feel the dark you hide
When it creeps
From deep inside
Let me see your cracks
Your tears
Show me all the scars you bear
Share the blackened
Burned remains
Of the heart
You hold to blame

Give me
What you cannot stand
Feel me
Reaching for your hand

One more for the road

Please just one more
For the road
One more verse
One line
One word.

One more memory
One more sorrow
One more gift.

Just one more,
Then pack away
I cannot draw my eyes away
From pictures
Painted by your pen
Of sorrows caused by wayward men.

One more
(I tell myself)
Is fine
Be satisfied by words devine
But once again I am entranced
By gentle movements of your dance.

One more
One more
It has to be
Surely this one
Sets me free?

But one more didn’t
Make me smile
Even though I stayed a while
For in those final words I read
Were all the things I’d learned to dread.

One more knife into my heart
One more dulling of my spark
One more twist and then I die
One more painful, sad goodbye.

Spilled coffee (poem)

We watch and listen
Gleaning words
Snippets and inspiration served:
The texture of a coffee cup,
The smell of pastries when the oven’s turned up,
Whats the reason for her tears?
An older woman reads and sneers,
Victorian strong man in chequered shirt,
The boyfriend’s shoes are quite absurd.
Then the emails start to ping,
Is there nowhere to escape and think?