Autumn flames

A space which reaches far and wide
Where mountains’ lofts
Touch dusty skies
Tall trees upon the soaring slopes
Breathe out an air
Of gentle hope
Where glowing leaves of autum fall
Drifting deep
Up to the porch
A silent evening ‘neath the sky
Where loving lips
Melt ‘fore the fire
There touch your skin beneath the moon
As starlight
Gentle curves illumes
The fire fades yet we remain
Limbs entwined
Become the same.


City falls

With misty eyes recount the radiant hues
Of autumn, with the help of gloried muse.
That glow across the lofty mountain side,
The auburn touching somewhere deep inside.
While in the city, on these hardened streets,
Reluctant urban dwellers gently weep.
For all we see around is shitty brown,
As leaves upon the rain soaked kerbs fall down.
A coarse cacophony of blowers starts,
Tears through all thoughts of love from tender hearts.
If only we could hear the mountain wind,
Instead of this counfounded awful din!
Oh Autumn, of such radiant glowing hues,
I’d bin this city life for shades of you.