The circle-cycle sings its song
Where now the strength to carry on?

To do the things your love revealed
Before the truth became too real
And stories told unravelled fast
Leaving clouded shades of past.

I take my place upon the stage
No longer searching for your gaze,
There find the strength to carry on;
The circle-cycle song is sung.


Through the keyhole

You push my never wandring eye
Up to the keyhole of your life
I cannot help a wistful cry
Know I no longer fit inside
Here one more time such worlds espy
Allowing reminisent mind
To taste again that sweet delight
Cross vast horizons’ azure skies
The echoes of your radiant smiles
Beheld in flicker-flames so bright
Your sweetest kiss on lips alight
Soft sinking into velvet night
My heart remains in dreams alive
I blow a kiss toward your light