The record finishes
I replace the needle
Cannot bring it to an end
Strung out
This hearbreak heartbeat
Keeps the beat
At the surface
Walk the grooves’
Familiar streets
Before static
Between repeats
Echoes still
The music sweet
Find you
In the gentle heat
That warms my blood
Where still it beats
Find you in the music
Of this heart’s forever beat



Fresh coffee brewed, sits cooling by my feet
(But unlike you I still won’t take it sweet)
As slow sad Country fills the morning air;
Unwritten songs of loves I wished to share.
Fresh tears now flow as music in me seeps,
Can’t shake these troubled memories of sleep;
For though its been so long since last we spoke
Still dreaming of your voice my waking chokes.
Dream-drowning in dark waters, wide and deep,
You pulled me out and set me on my feet:
Fresh silken pleats you’d woven in your hair
Entwined my heart, a noose I cannot tear.
Reality will not resume this week
For nothing here can give me what I seek.