Dog barks at seagulls
Deadline passes unfulfilled
I am still alive


Lingering remains

Out my soul
Like cancer
From such fragile bones
Self excised
Yet lingering
To painfully
The heart
It beats the same
Not so easily deleted
As a number
Repeating like refrain
A four letter retelling
Of a name
I am more than just the pain
But memories
Of life before you came
(Or didn’t)
Deserving more
Than self disdain
Or so I’m bidden
But can’t shake hurt
Which surface-wise is hidden
Yet will not go away
Like a name
Once again


Black slumber’s edge will not abate
And though still dark I know I’m late
But what is there to rise and meet
When nevermore upon the street
Will I with casual glance of eye
Perceive your presence closely by
The dark it holds me like a vice
Slow crushing every chance for life
I’d give it all though none remains
Today to stay in bed again

Now rising from this prison seen
While shadow grips so dark and mean
For none can tell from practised smile
I’m walking out but mask with guile
The proof of life by all perceived
By will alone worn to deceive
And if you ask “how goes your day”
I’ll smile and say “yes, I’m ok”
Such lies which seem so small at first
Turn out in time to hurt the worst.